When first starting out in online marketing, many of us have very limited budgets, to begin with. This will often make it difficult to improve search engine rankings, and when that is the case you will have a hard time putting your company on the map so to speak.

But all is not lost. There are many effective ways to improve search engine rankings for free, as long as you are willing to bootstrap these methods by putting in the time and elbow grease to get this done.

We want to help your company succeed. We want you to attain high search engine rankings, and we want you to do so whether you have a large marketing budget or no marketing budget at all.

Pay close attention folks. And please use these 6 ways to improve your search engine rankings for free. They work like gangbusters and you’ll be incredibly happy with the results.

6 Methods to Boost Search Engine Rankings for Free

  1. Attain links from service providers – when first getting into search engine optimisation, many of you will have to hire service providers to help attain high search engine rankings. This is par for the course for many companies because they do not have the time or inclination to tutor themselves on how to perform their own SEO. The easiest way to get started is to create strategic partnerships with your service providers. Have them provide you with high-quality backlinks. And while you are at it, ask them to put a link back to you on their website.
  2. Find unlinked mentions about your company – do a quick search on your company.  Go to Google and type this into the search bar “Company Name”. Find any mentions about your business on the web and then contact those website owners. What you’re looking for are sites who have mentioned you but not hyperlinked the mention to your site. Ask them to place a link pointing back to your site. They already mentioned you, so they should have no problem linking back to your site as well. It’s a quick and easy way to build rapport in your market and attain coveted backlinks at the same time.
  3. Cross promotions – another simple way to attain plenty of backlinks to help improve search engine optimisation is to cross promote with other businesses. These businesses do not necessarily need to be in your market, but you should share a similar clientele. So not only will you get more backlinks pointing to your site, but you’ll also be able to acquire new leads through cross-promotion with other businesses.
  4. Blog commenting – we understand that many of you will not want to spend the time commenting on blogs, but if you can find relevant blogs in your industry or niche, these backlinks could potentially help boost search engine rankings tremendously. Do not underestimate the power of blog commenting. It’s a fantastic way to attain high-powered links that will point directly to your website.
  5. Become friendly with other influencers in your niche – an easy way to bring more business into your company, while attaining dominant backlinks to improve search engine rankings is to become friendly with the influencers in your niche. Not only will this help to improve your business by associating with the best and brightest in your industry, but it will also help to build your search engine presence. If you can convince these individuals to link back to your site – and they will once they get to know you – then you’ll have no problem improving in the search engines. Plus it’s a great way to boost your business and bring new customers into the fold.
  6. User-generated content – whether you know it or not, you will have rabid fans in your industry that would be happy to provide content for your business. Content marketing is incredibly effective and it’s a great way to acquire many potent backlinks. So convince your existing fan base to tell their story about their experience with your business. Your audience will love this content and it will even help to serve as a testimonial for your company.

These are just six simple ways to improve your search engine rankings for free. These methods work wonderfully when implemented as part of your SEO strategy, so we suggest executing them as soon as possible.